Active Minds: Changing the Conversation About Mental Health

Introduction and Historical Overview


Psychopathology = the field concerned with the nature, development and treatment of psychological disorders Challenge: remaining objective, avoiding preconceived notions, reduce stigma Stigma = destructive beliefs and attitudes held [...]

Introduction and Historical Overview2018-09-18T17:27:47-04:00

Diagnosis and Assessment


Diagnosis = the classification of disorders by symptoms or signs o Advantages: facilitates communication among professionals, advances the search for causes & treatments, cornerstone of clinical care Diagnosis can [...]

Diagnosis and Assessment2018-09-18T17:27:46-04:00

Epidemiology of Mood Disorders


Clinical Descriptions and Epidemiology of Mood Disorders 2 broad types of mood disorders according to DSM-5: 1) Depressive, 2) Manic (bipolar) Depressive Disorders Cardinal symptoms: profound sadness, and/or inability [...]

Epidemiology of Mood Disorders2019-05-26T00:23:51-04:00

Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety = apprehension over an anticipated problems Fear = a reaction to immediate danger Both fear and anxiety can involve arousal or sympathetic nervous system activity *both can be [...]

Anxiety Disorders2019-05-26T00:22:04-04:00



= A disorder characterized by disordered thinking, in which ideas are not logically related; faulty perceptions and attention; a lack of emotional expressiveness; and disturbances in behaviour, such as [...]


Substance Use Disorders


Clinical Descriptions, Prevalence, and Effects of Substance Use Disorders DSM-5 Criteria: 1) Problematic pattern of use that impairs functioning  2) 2 or more symptoms within a 1 year [...]

Substance Use Disorders2019-05-26T00:16:45-04:00

Eating Disorders


Became a distinct category in DMS-IV, DSM-5: eating disorders found in “Feeding & Eating Disorders” chapter o Pica = eating nonfood substances for extended periods o Rumination = repeated [...]

Eating Disorders2019-05-26T00:16:15-04:00

Sexual Disorders


Sexual dysfunctions = persistent disruptions in the ability to experience sexual arousal, desire or orgasms, or pain associated with intercourse Paraphilic disorders = persistent and troubling attractions to unusual [...]

Sexual Disorders2019-05-26T00:14:32-04:00

Disorders of Childhood


Number of children diagnosed/treated has increased over the years (ADHD diagnoses increased 41% 2003-2012) Controversial medication treatment Classification and Diagnosis of Childhood Disorders Developmental psychopathology = focuses on the [...]

Disorders of Childhood2019-05-26T00:11:37-04:00

Personality Disorders


Defined by enduring problems with forming a stably positive identity and with sustaining close and constructive relationships Extreme and inflexible traits, 10 different disorders, highly heterogeneous o Paranoid – [...]

Personality Disorders2019-05-26T00:08:41-04:00

Legal and Ethical Issues


Bill of rights: first 10 amendments to the constitution Maximize degree of liberty consistent with preserving order in the community at large Criminal commitment = a procedure that confines [...]

Legal and Ethical Issues2019-05-26T00:06:40-04:00
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