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Sensation and perception


Sensation: the ability to detect a stimulus and, perhaps, to turn that detection into a private experience Perception: the act of giving meaning to a detected sensation Condillac: mental [...]

Sensation and perception2018-10-07T00:47:33-04:00

The perception of colour


Basic principles of colour perception    The more light a surface absorbs the darker it appears, the colour we perceive depends on the wavelengths of the light that is [...]

The perception of colour2019-05-25T23:29:29-04:00

Attention and scene perception


The retinal array contains far more info than we can process Attention: a family of mechanisms that restrict processing in various ways o External versus internal attention External: attention [...]

Attention and scene perception2018-10-07T00:47:27-04:00

Motion perception


Motion aftereffect (MAE): the illusion of motion of a stationary object (in the opposite direction) that occurs after prolonged exposure to a moving object o Waterfall illusion Computation of [...]

Motion perception2018-10-07T00:47:26-04:00

Hearing, physiology and psychoacoustics


Basic qualities of sound waves: frequency and amplitude Amplitude/intensity: the magnitude of displacement (the difference between the highest pressure area and the lowest pressure area) of a sound pressure [...]

Hearing, physiology and psychoacoustics2018-10-07T00:47:25-04:00

Hearing in the environment


Sound localization Two potential types of info for determining the source of a sound: Even though sound travels fast, the pressure wave will not arrive at both ears at [...]

Hearing in the environment2018-10-07T00:47:24-04:00



Vestibular organs: the set of five organs –three semi-circular canals and two otolith organs- located in each inner ear that sense head motion and head orientation with respect to [...]




Olfactory physiology Odours and odorants Odour: olfactory sensations Odorant: the chemical compounds that form the stimuli for odours o To be smelled, odorant molecules must be able to float [...]




Taste versus flavour Retronasal olfactory sensation: the sensation of an odour that is perceived when chewing and swallowing force an odorant in the mouth up behind the palate into [...]

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