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The Biological Approach to behaviour


Gottfried Leibniz  “Why is there something rather than nothing”  Mind-body problem (mind-brain problem) If universe is composed of matter and energy, how is there consciousness? How did [...]

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The cells of the nervous system


Anatomy of ieurons and Glia Nervous system contains 2 kinds of cells: ieurons: receive info and transmit it to other cells Glia: many functions Brain is composed of individual [...]

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The concept of synapses


Cajal: anatomically demonstrated narrow gap separating neurons Sherrington: physiologically demonstrated communication between neuron and next differs from communication along single axon Synapse --> specialized gap between neurons The Properties [...]

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Anatomy of the Nervous System


 STRUCTURE OF THE VERTEBRAE iERVOUS SYSTEM  Terminology to Describe the iervous System CiS (central nervous system): brain and spinal cord PiS (peripheral nervous system): connect brain and spinal cord [...]

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Visual coding


General Principles of Perception Perceive an object when it emits/reflects energy that stimulates receptors that transmit information to your brain Rene Descartes  believed that brain-s representation of a [...]

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Other Sensory Systems


Audition Sound and the Ear Physics and Psychology of Sound Amplitude  a sound wave-s intensity (lightning bolts) Loudness  sensation related to amplitude but not identical to it [...]

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BRAIN MECHANISMS OF MOVEMENT The Cerebral Cortex Direct electrical stimulation of primary motor cortex (precentral gyrus of the frontal cortex, just anterior to the central sulcus) elicits movement  [...]


Internal Regulation


 TEMPERATURE REGULATION Homeostasis and Allostasis Cannon introduced homeostasis (temperature regulation and other biological processes that keep body variables within fixed range The range is so narrow that we refer [...]

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The Biology of Learning and Memory


LEARNING, MEMORY, AMNESIA AND BRAIN FUNCTIONING Localized Representations of Memory What happens in the brain drring learning and memory? Pavlov  classical conditioning (pairing 2 stimrli changes the response [...]

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Cognitive funnctions


LATERALIZATION OF FUNCTION           Hrman brain is asymmetrical (left hemisphere is somewhat different from right) The Left and Right Hemispheres Left hemisphere of cerebral cortex connected to skin receptors [...]

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