Active Minds: Changing the Conversation About Mental Health

Exercise Psychology


Physical Activity: All bodily movements that cause increases in physical exertion beyond  that which occurs during normal activities of daily living Exercise: A form of leisure physical activity that [...]

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Physical Activity


Physical Activity Epidemiology Epidemic: Anything that affects a large number of people; study patterns of disease, risk  factors and causes Epidemiology: Study of epidemics; dealing with the incidence, distribution [...]

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Theories and Models of Exercise Behavior


Theory: Explains why phenomenon or behavior occurred  and can be graphically  represented Importance of Theories:    Allow us to better understand and predict physical activity behavior    Give us [...]

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How People Learn New Behaviors


Classical Conditioning  o A reflexive behavior can be elicited through repeated pairings of behavior  with an antecedent cue  Ex: When you give a dog food and pair it with [...]

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Social Influence


Real or imagined pressure to change one’s behavior, attitudes, or beliefs  o Can come from doctors, fitness leaders, family members, etc.    An understanding of this pressure may lead [...]

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Physical Activity Interventions


    Informational Approaches: To change knowledge and attitudes    Behavioral Approaches: To teach necessary skills for adoption and maintenance of  behavior change  becoming more physically active    Social Approaches: [...]

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Research Objectives of the Study of Personality 


   Are certain personality attributes antecedents to physical activity-exercise  participation?    Do certain personality attributes develop as a#consequence of physical  activity-exercise participation?   Personality Defined        Underlying, relatively stable, [...]

Research Objectives of the Study of Personality 2019-05-25T22:48:54-04:00



   The way in which we see or define ourselves    “Who I am”   Self-Esteem Defined     The evaluative or affective consequences of one’s self-concept     The extent [...]




   What we experience when we face challenges in our lives    External or internal stressors Can be negative or positive  o Distress  Ex: Exams, divorce, deadlines o Eustress [...]




   “Pathological counterpart of normal fear, manifested by disturbances of mood, as  well as thinking, behavior, and physiological activity” Anxiety is more than chronic stress and increased arousal  o [...]

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