Active Minds: Changing the Conversation About Mental Health

Introduction to Psychology


Psychology­ the study of human mind and human behavior Assumptions of Science: There is order in the universe Determinism­ every event has physical, potentially measurable cause o Does not [...]

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Psychology Terms


Critical Thinking­ process of objectively evaluating, comparing, analyzing, and synthesizing information Interactions­ process in which multiple factors mutually influence one another and the outcome Nature­Nurture Controversy­ ongoing dispute over [...]

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States of Consciousness  


 Consciousness ­ awareness of various cognitive processes Sleeping, dreaming, concentrating, making decisions 2 broad categories­ vary according to how aware we are of processes o Waking consciousness­ all thoughts, [...]

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 Learning ­ the process by which experience or practice results in a relatively permanent change in behavior Class notes, ride bike­ skills  Conditioning ­ refers to the acquisition of [...]




 memory ­ internal record/representation of some prior event/experience Sensory memory­ short lived memory process Almost a direct representation of the actual sensory attributes to the senses o Iconic memory [...]


Thinking, Language, and Intelligence


 Cognitive Building Blocks ­ mental images, concepts, and language Images­ nonverbal mental representations of a sensory experience o Can be exceptionally powerful Allow us to think in non­verbal ways [...]

Thinking, Language, and Intelligence2018-07-22T19:03:50-04:00

Life Span Development I


 Developmental Psychology ­ the study of age­related changes in behavior and mental processes from conception to death 3 major issues o Nature VS Nurture Nature (maturational) approach­ development proceeds [...]

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Life Span Development II


 Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development Kohlberg’s initial study included 72 boys ages 10, 13, and 16. Data was collected through taped interviews in which 10 moral dilemmas were presented [...]

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Gender and Human Sexuality


 David Reimer AKA Bruce/Brenda, John/Joan Born normal male with identical brother At 6 months­ diagnosed with phimosis­ tight foreskin making it hard to urinate At 8 months­ referred for [...]

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Motivation and Emotion


 Motivation ­ set of factors that activate, direct, and maintain  behavior towards a goal The why behind your behavior  Emotion ­ a subjective feeling that include arousal (physical), cognitions [...]

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 Personality ­ Relatively stable and enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions • Assessing Personality: Interviews Structured­ every person gets same set of predetermined questions Unstructured­ interviewer is free [...]


Psychological Disorders


 Abnormal Behavior ­ patterns of emotion, thought, and action considered pathological (diseased or disordered) Identifying Abnormal Behavior o Statistical Infrequency ­how rare/unusual something is Cannot be only defining characteristic [...]

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 Psychotherapy ­ treatment of psychological disorders through talking and other psychological methods Types of therapy o Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis­ seeks to help clients gain insight by recognizing and understanding [...]


Social Psychology


 Social Psychology ­ study of how other people influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions and how we influence other people Attribution­ principles used to judge the causes of events, [...]

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