Active Minds: Changing the Conversation About Mental Health

Genetic Contributions to Motivated Behaviour


Early Instinct Theories (know all) Some theorists saw animals having rationality + instinctive behaviours and humans having rational mind + instinctively controlled behaviours Nominal fallacy: naming something instinct does [...]

Genetic Contributions to Motivated Behaviour2019-05-25T23:40:49-04:00

Drive Theory


Drive theory: motivation of behaviour depends on a physiological need (i.e. hunger) that organism becomes aware of by specific stimuli (i.e. hunger pang), which directs the organism to search [...]

Drive Theory2018-09-21T19:04:58-04:00

Incentive Motivation


Goal object: incentive that motivates us Incentives: important for us to reach or avoid a goal; motivate behaviour o Learned o Differ in value for us at diff moments [...]

Incentive Motivation2018-09-21T19:04:56-04:00

Hedonism and Sensory Stimulation


Hedonism Seeking of pleasure and avoidance of pain Spencer said: Pleasurable behaviour has survival value: pleasurable behaviours are adaptive and random responses leading to pain became less probable; similar [...]

Hedonism and Sensory Stimulation2018-09-21T19:04:56-04:00

Cognitive Motivation: Attribution Approaches


Attribution Theory Attribution theory: study of how we make decisions concerning the events we experience and factors that cause people’s behaviour People attribute behaviour to dispositions: consistent personality characteristics [...]

Cognitive Motivation: Attribution Approaches2018-09-21T19:04:55-04:00

The Emotions as Motivators


Ethology For ethologists, motivation and emotion are seen as two names for the same concept: buildup of action-specific energy Intention Movements Intention movements: innate expressions of an animal’s state, [...]

The Emotions as Motivators2019-05-25T23:36:44-04:00
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