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What is Positive Psychology


Positive Psychology Is Individual differences in resilience Character strengths, practices (daily) for better outcomes Flow (engagement, absorption) , maladaptive, creative, fulfilling, positive Self-acceptance, personal happiness Healthy positive affect   [...]

What is Positive Psychology2018-10-27T15:25:09-04:00

Positive Emotions


A Brief (Recent) History Around 2011 Some high-profile fraud Multi-study paper on ESP in top journal Some attention to failed replication studies Longer history of 'gossip' 'False positive psychology' [...]

Positive Emotions2019-05-25T23:20:14-04:00

Defining Happiness


Today's Goals Mini Review: Emotions over time Wrap-up on affective forecasting Understand the components of subjective well-being Begin to understand the correlates and causes of subjective well-being Understand Ryff's [...]

Defining Happiness2018-10-27T15:25:04-04:00

Happiness Change


Today’s Goals Mini review: Happiness Catch up on happy people Review history of ‘hedonic treadmill’ Understand current state of adaptation research Consider intentional happiness change Become familiar with exercises [...]

Happiness Change2019-05-25T23:19:12-04:00

Money and Happiness


Today’s Goals Mini review: Happy people & change Consider a model of happiness change exercises Understand how money (income) is correlated with happiness Become familiar with the Gallup World [...]

Money and Happiness2018-10-27T15:25:00-04:00

Religion and Happiness


Today’s Goals Mini review & catch up: Money & happiness Understand how religion is related to SWB Understand the ‘religion paradox’ Consider why religion (sometimes) predicts SWB   Mini [...]

Religion and Happiness2018-10-27T15:24:58-04:00

Strengths and Virtues


Today’s Goals Looking ahead (proposal, exam review) Mini-Review: Religion Become familiar with the VIA strengths & virtues Understand the background of the strengths Become familiar with assessment of and [...]

Strengths and Virtues2019-05-25T23:17:57-04:00

The True Self


Today’s Goals Think about ‘the self’ Understand approaches to defining and measuring the ‘true self’ Understand when people are likely to feel authentic Explore links between true-self and meaning [...]

The True Self2018-10-27T15:24:54-04:00

Accomplishment and Creativity


Today’s Goals Mini review: Self-compassion, self-esteem Consider cultural differences in the self (catch-up) Understand ability, interests, and drive, and how they combine to produce accomplishment Understand the cognitive, personality, [...]

Accomplishment and Creativity2019-05-25T23:16:56-04:00



Today’s Goals Mini-review: Accomplishment Catching up: Creativity Become familiar with the effects of nature exposure (cognitive, emotional, etc.) Understand the construct of ‘nature relatedness’ Become familiar with the correlates [...]




Today’s Goals Mini-review: Nature Catch up: Nature relatedness Understand how psychologists define resilience Become familiar with the MIDUS study Explore resilience findings & identify protective factors   Mini-review: Nature [...]


Events and Post Traumatic Growth


Today’s Goals Mini-review: Resilience & nature relatedness Consider a few more negative events and resilient responses Understand the concept of post traumatic growth Unpack the Frazier et al. reading [...]

Events and Post Traumatic Growth2019-05-25T23:15:27-04:00

Prosocial Behaviour


Today’s Goals Discuss projects & final papers Mini review: Post-trauma growth Consider classic approaches to helping behaviour Explore whether or when prosocial behaviour might be ‘automatic’   Mini-review: Post-Traumatic [...]

Prosocial Behaviour2018-10-27T15:24:44-04:00



Today’s Goals Mini review: Prosocial behaviour Review the history of love research in psychology Discuss how psychologists and lay people define love Review the correlates of different approaches to [...]


Positive Relationships


Today's Goals Mini Review: Pro-social & Love Catch up: Love Consider the 'bank account' analogy of relationships Explore positive relationship behaviours o Gratitude, Capitalization, Forgiveness, etc. Note: some findings [...]

Positive Relationships2018-10-27T15:24:39-04:00
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