Active Minds: Changing the Conversation About Mental Health

Working with MH service users


Trauma − Vicarious trauma (also known as secondary trauma) is trauma that you experience because you hear about other peoples traumatic experiences − A response to witnessing the 1st [...]

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Contributions to mental in children & youth


Risk factors  Genetics Biochemical Pre & post-natal influences Individual temperament Psychosocial development   Infancy & rarly Childhood General behaviour areas to assess Internalising problems rxternalising behaviours Specific behaviour areas [...]

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Personality is defined as a fixed continuing pattern of behaving and relating to self, others and the environment; it includes perceptions, attitudes and emotion Personality disorders  − Are diagnosed [...]


Stress, Fear & Anxiety 


Fear- A state where a person feels a strong sense of dread towards a specific object/event Stress- Physical, emotional, psychological, social or spiritual reaction from a situation/event/condition stimulated in [...]

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− Any substance (with the exception of food and water) which alters the body’s function either physically and/or psychologically − May be legal or illegal     Psychopharmacology of [...]

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Affective/mood Disorders


− Australian prevalence of depression is 1 in 7 − 3rd highest burden of disease in Australia − MDD (Major depressive Disorder) associated with high mortality rate (suicide)   [...]

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Schizophrenia & Psychotic Spectrum 


Psychosis- − People who have changes in their: Perception- see or hear things that others may not Thinking- disordered; inability to think logically/rationally Behaviour- withdrawal, irritability Emotional responses- blunted [...]

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Mental Health Service


Contemporary perspectives- Least restrictive treatment à community focused care  Influences in practice: Increased effectiveness/availability of psychotropic medications Classification of mental illness Beacon Project (National Mental Health Seclusions & restraint) [...]

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Models of care for Patients


Mental illness- A health problem that affects how a person feels/thinks/behaves or interacts with other people Its diagnosed according to standardised criteria   Mental health-  “A state of complete [...]

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