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Cultural Psychology


We rely on culture which helps us succeed in diverse environments Culture effects our thoughts and behavior and culture psychology is the studies of those implications   A Psychology [...]

Cultural Psychology2019-05-25T23:50:20-04:00

Culture and Human Nature


Is Culture unique to humans?   Culture refers to some kind of symbolic coding Having a set of signals, icons, and words that refers to something else that most [...]

Culture and Human Nature2019-05-25T23:49:40-04:00

Cultural Evolution


Manners differ across cultures because people are socialized to different sets of norms and customs One reason manners have changed over time is because peoples views of what is [...]

Cultural Evolution2019-05-25T23:49:22-04:00

Development and Socialization


Culture shape the many norms we have in our lives Ex: distance of talking space. There is no good evidence for such kinds of population differences in genes underlying [...]

Development and Socialization2019-05-25T23:47:16-04:00

Self and Personality


WHO AM I The nature of ourselves strongly influences the ways we perceive and interact with our social worlds People all over the world are able to think of [...]

Self and Personality2019-05-25T23:46:18-04:00



Your underlying reasons for things speak to your motivations, and these reflect a great deal about how you understand yourself and the world around you The things that motivate [...]


Cognition and Perception


Horizons in landscape scenes are painted considerably higher in East Asian pictures than in Western ones Figures in portraits were much larger in Western picture than they were in [...]

Cognition and Perception2019-05-25T23:45:34-04:00

Living in Multicultural Worlds


Difficulties in studying acculturation Acculturation is the process by which people migrate to and learn a culture that is different from their original or heritage culture. Acculturating individuals move [...]

Living in Multicultural Worlds2019-05-25T23:44:31-04:00
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