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The Tools of Psychological Assessment


Test: measuring device or a procedure Psychological test: involves sample of behaviour e.g. responses to a questionnaire, performance on task, oral responses. Even two psychological tests designed to measure [...]

The Tools of Psychological Assessment2018-11-06T17:38:06-05:00

The Concept of Reliability


Reliability = consistency in measurement A score on an ability test is presumed to reflect not only the testtaker’s true score on the ability being measured but also error. [...]

The Concept of Reliability2019-05-25T23:13:56-04:00

Test Development


Test conceptualisation Test construction Test tryout Item analysis Test revision TEST CONCEPTUALISATION An emerging social phenomenon or pattern of behaviour might serve as the stimulus for the development of [...]

Test Development2019-05-25T23:12:59-04:00

Item Analysis


Procedures typically used by test developers in their efforts to select the best items from a pool of tryout items Criteria for the best items may differ as a [...]

Item Analysis2019-05-25T23:13:03-04:00

What is Intelligence?


Intelligence defined: views of the lay public High degree of similarity between the experts’ and laypeople’s conceptions of intelligence Intelligence defined: views of scholars and test professionals Francis Galton [...]

What is Intelligence?2018-11-06T17:36:32-05:00

The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales


First edition was first published intelligence test to provide organised and detailed administration and scoring instructions. First American test to employ concept of IQ First test to introduce concept [...]

The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales2018-11-06T17:36:19-05:00

Assessment Summaries


Clinical assessment may be undertaken for various reasons and to answer a variety of important questions. For the clinical psychologist working in a hospital, clinic, or other clinical setting, [...]

Assessment Summaries2019-05-25T23:06:27-04:00
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