Active Minds: Changing the Conversation About Mental Health

Visual Awareness


The Mind-Body Problem -concerns the relation between mental events and physical events in the brain The Problem of Other Minds -concerns how people come to believe that other people [...]

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Where Am I? (Dennett)


Dennett’s Operation -He was anaesthetized and remembered nothing of the operation itself. -In a brain transplant operation, one wants to be the donor, not the recipient. -Dennett is confused [...]

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Experimental Design: Psychological Research


Goals of Scientific Research: Description of behavior Prediction of behavior Determination of the causes of behavior Explanations of behavior Three Types of Scientific Studies: Controlled studies Correlational studies Descriptive [...]

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-The role of perception is to make sense of sensation -Refers to the overall process of apprehending objects and events in the external environment, to sense them, understand them, [...]


The Auditory Scene


Timbre Constancy -the quality of the sound is constant -you can hear the timbre of your friends voice in a quiet room an at a cocktail party -like visual [...]

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Principles of organization


The principles Two general and basic principles are proposed for the formation of categories: Has to do with Function of category systems and asserts that the task of category [...]

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Introduction to Learning (Douglas H. Hintzman)


Why are humans exceptional? -language and writing -building and using things -domesticating animals -social controls -cultivating crops -visiting places -altering things -MOST IMPORTANTLY: our unparalleled capacity to change our [...]

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Experimental Procedures in Animal Learning


Paradigm -Experimental Pattern -Conceptual framework through which a scientist views the research in his field Four Basic Experimental Paradigms Habituation and Sensitization Classical Conditioning Instrumental Conditioning Operant Conditioning Habituation [...]

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Memory for Musical Attributes


Iconic Memory -Immediate sensory memory as image persistence -Ex: By looking outside, you see a nice, sunny day. If you close your eyes, there is an afterimage on your [...]

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Perspectives on memory


Donald Thompson: because a suspect himself when he was found to match a rape victims Description of her rapist, in reality she was watching Thompson on TV just prior [...]

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Four interrelated ideas of attention 1.We are constantly confronted with much more information than we can okay attention to 2.There are serious limitations in how much we can attend [...]


The Invention of Language by Children


Environmental and Biological Influences of the Acquisition of Language Introduction -Language is universal in the species just because the capacity to learn it is innately given -Some capacity of [...]

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Individual Differences in Cognition


Perspectives on Individual Differences in Intelligence -Hereditarian -Unitary Models -Multifaceted Models -Domain-Specific Models Hereditarian Theory of Intelligence -2 claims: 1) intelligence is unitary Pa reflection of an all-purpose system [...]

Individual Differences in Cognition2018-10-07T01:11:16-04:00
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