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The Nature of Child Development


Orientation: Scientific study of patterns of growth, change, and stability from conception through adolescence Topical areas in Child Development o Physical development­ body's physical makeup, including brain, nervous system, [...]

The Nature of Child Development2018-07-22T19:21:47-04:00

Perspectives on Children


Perspectives on Children Theory= fact based framework for understanding phenomena Hypothesis= testable predictions Psychodynamics Perspective Freud= behavior motivated by inner forces/ conflicts/ memories; little awareness o Two forces Eros= [...]

Perspectives on Children2019-05-25T22:33:23-04:00

Prenatal Development and Birth


Earliest Development Gametes­ sex cells that form new cell at conception o Sperm, ovum Zygote­ new cell formed by fertilization o Genes­ basic units of genetic information o DNA [...]

Prenatal Development and Birth2019-05-25T22:29:50-04:00

Birth and the Newborn Infant


Stages of Birth 1.Stage one­ process of reaching full cervical dilation Latent phase­ contractions become more frequent/strong/regular Cervical effacement­ thinning Most variable. Up to 20hrs for 1st time, 10­12hrs [...]

Birth and the Newborn Infant2019-05-25T22:28:01-04:00

Physical Development in Infancy


Growth and Stability Physical Growth: The Rapid Advances of Infancy 4 Principles of Growth Cephalocaudal­ growth follows a pattern that begins with the head and upper body parts and [...]

Physical Development in Infancy2019-05-25T22:22:34-04:00

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development


Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development Cognitive development­ involves changes in cognitive process and abilities; processes based on physical action and later progresses into changes in mental operations Key Elements [...]

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development2019-05-25T22:20:48-04:00

Physical Development in the Preschool Years


Physical Growth The Growing Body Individual Differences in Height and Weight Significant differences especially cross culturally. Economically developed countries – taller and heavier. Ses in US – kids in [...]

Physical Development in the Preschool Years2019-05-25T22:15:36-04:00

Cognitive Development in the Preschool Years


Intellectual Development Piaget’s Stage of Preoperational Thinking During the stage that Piaget has described as preoperational, children are not yet able to engage in organized, formal, logical thinking.  However, [...]

Cognitive Development in the Preschool Years2019-05-25T22:14:10-04:00

Forming a Sense of Self


A. Psychosocial Development Changes in understandings we have of ourselves as members of society; comprehension of meanings of behaviors of others Erik Erikson believed that people pass through eight [...]

Forming a Sense of Self2019-05-25T22:11:57-04:00

Cognitive and Language Development


Cognitive and Language Development Piagetian Approaches to Cognitive Development 1. The Rise of Concrete Operational Thought a) The school­age child enters the concrete operational stage, the period of cognitive [...]

Cognitive and Language Development2019-05-25T22:06:49-04:00

Social and Personality Development in Middle Childhood


Social and Personality Development in Middle Childhood The Developing Self Psychosocial Development in Middle Childhood: Industry Versus Inferiority  According to Erik Erikson, middle childhood encompasses the industry­versusinferiority stage, [...]

Social and Personality Development in Middle Childhood2019-05-25T22:08:07-04:00

Physical Development in Adolescence


  Physical Maturation Adolescence – Developmental stage between adulthood and childhood Growth During Adolescence: The Rapid Pace of Physical and Sexual Maturation The dramatic changes during adolescence constitute the [...]

Physical Development in Adolescence2018-07-22T19:14:55-04:00

Cognitive Development in Adolescence


Intellectual Development Cognitive growth during adolescence is rapid, with gains in abstract thinking, reasoning, and the ability to view possibilities in relative rather than in absolute terms. Prefrontal cortex­ [...]

Cognitive Development in Adolescence2019-05-25T22:02:22-04:00
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