Active Minds: Changing the Conversation About Mental Health

Psychology of Personality


Six domains of knowledge in the book: -     Traits How do people differ? -     tiology How do biologicdl fdctors dnd processes determine behdvior, thoughts dnd emotions? Psychophysiology dnd genetics. [...]

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Assessment, Management and Research Design


S-data:             Self-reports Questionnaires Benefits: Easy to get large subject group Time-efficient Interview: allows thorough exploration Some information only known by individual A Likert-rating scale should be used to nuance [...]

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Traits and trait taxonomies


A trait = A cdusdl interndl chdrdcteristic or fedture      V          Something thdt describes behdvior Traits are not the behavior itself. The Act FreBuency Approach Traits refer to a collection [...]

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Personality Development


Personality Development = Degree to which people can change and remain the same over time. Definition in book = Continuity, consistency, and stability of characteristics of people over time. [...]

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Personality and Social Interaction


Selection                     = We choose the environment. Cdn be trividl / importdnt. Is determined by our persondlity Whether we wdnt to interdct is determined by the persondlity of dnother Selection [...]

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Approaches to the self


Key concepts Self-concept Self-esteem Identity Self-concept: Development Self-perception (cognitive/descriptive knowledge) - Develops gradually in the first years of life.  Increasing complexity and level of abstraction. Self-concept starts to [...]

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Personality Pathology


What is a mental disorder? Mental disorders refer to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and eY haviour. Examples of mental [...]

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Behavioral Genetics


The human genome 000 – 30.000 genes Stored as DNA sequences within 23 chromosome pairs 2% of genes cause protein coding (98% do …?) 99% of genes similar between [...]

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Personality and emotions


Personality and emotions Terminology             -     Affect  Valence         -     Emotion  Anger, sadness, joy…         -     Stress response  Basic fear         -     Emotional episode [...]

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Recent cases of Research Misconduct


-     Karen Ruggiero (late 90s, early 00’s) -     Marc Hauser (2007-2011) -     Diederick Stapel (2011) -     Dirk Smeesters (2011-2012) -     Larry Sanna (2012) -     Jens Förster (2014-2015) -     Michael [...]

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