There is no shortcut when it comes to maintaining ones GPA or learning. In fact, one proverb I strongly believe in is“Practice makes perfect.”If you have been a part of any sports team, you may agree that in order for someone to improve their skills they need to put in the time and effort. If they don’t, then they will be unable to fulfill their goals. Similarly, your academic learning is no exception. Some may argue that students are not provided with enough practice material. However, if you really wish to test your understanding you can purchase supplementary books through publishers, or you may even find exercises at the back of each chapter in your textbook. In addition, the Internet is full of resources and you can always subscribe to study guides through some commercial websites as well. If you do subscribe to a study guide I advise you to also look for the corresponding answers. Lastly, once you have a good amount of practice material. I recommend that you take the time and use it to enhance and/or refine your knowledge. I assure you that this will help improve your grades.