Having a  good support system is one of the best ways to treat mental illness.Although not everyone has access to a good support system unfortunately. This can be due (but not limited to) to moving, death in the family, immigration or family stress.



A general definition of a good support system means that:

  • The individual is regarded with respect and empathy
  • The support system aims to understand and support the individual
  • Maintains a patient attitude.
  • Does not invalidate an individual’s feelings
  • Is generally reliable and consistent in their demeanor and actions towards the individual


If someone you know is suffering from mental illness and you wish to help, consider attending family support group meetings, volunteering, spreading advocacy or starting a family education plan. This can increase your knowledge in the field in order to help better understand the one suffering.

However, if you want to help an individual access resources during a crisis  you can direct them to a crisis/talk phone line, psychologist, hospital, social worker etc. These are professionals and are the best at knowing what to do in these situations.