What is Psychosis?

Is the premature state to schizophrenia, however psychosis is not a state of being like schizophrenia is. A diagnosis of psychosis is given when symptoms last up to 1-3 months. If symptoms last over 3 months than a diagnosis of schizophrenia may be given.

It has the same symptoms of schizophrenia but has a tendency to be more mild in its symptoms.

Such symptoms include:

  • having hallucinations
  • believing in unrealistic ideas such as being god, living inside a TV, being married to a celebrity etc. These types of beliefs are known as delusions.

Also, psychosis can be characterized by one being extremely quiet, distant and finding it hard to socialize or be around others. The opposite of this is also true.

Some people suffering from psychosis may not be able to stop talking, constantly repeat themselves, have full conversations with themselves, shout into the air or shout when they are alone.

Psychosis is thought to be caused mostly by genetic inheritance but can also be brought on my psychoactive drugs such as marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine. In rare cases, extreme stress/trauma can cause psychosis. Childhood trauma is usually present when looking at psychosis.

A combination of genetics, lifestyle and environment but be considered when looking at mental illness.