Active Minds@York tables approximately once a week. At our tabling events, executive members and volunteers promote upcoming and ongoing events, and provide students with information about mental health resources. We also recruit interested members and volunteers at these session and play mental health games, such as ‘Toss Yo’ Stress’. Our aim is to engage our fellow York students in a conversation about mental health and to de-stigmatize mental illness and treatments.

Past Events:

Active Minds 2017-2018 List Of Events


Sept. 20 – Pet Therapy Day 1
Sept. 27 – Movie Night


Oct. 10 – World Mental Health Day Run
Oct. 19 – Paint Night
Oct. 27 – SafeTALK Training Day


Nov. 8 – Pet Therapy Day 2
Nov. 30 – Games Night


Jan. 30 – Human Library Night


Feb. 7 – Symposium Night


Mar. 14 – Yoga Night
Mar. 20 – Yoga Event


Apr. 4 – De-Stress Fest

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