People Who Can Help

There are many mental health resources out there that can aid you. Knowing who to pick and what wil be the best fit for you if you are struggling is an important decision. Here is a brief overview of these health care leaders job roles and an example of the best type of care they can provide for you.




A psychiatrist can provide you with medication. This is how they differ from a psychologist. Also, they can give you a legal diagnosis of a mental illness. Let’s say you feel as though you are experiencing the symptoms of “social anxiety” however, a psychiatrist will be able to give you a define diagnosis on this and then be able to provide you medication if wanted or directed to.


The most optimal time to visit a psychiatrist is if you wish to obtain medication for a psychological condition. They will not give you medication unless you have a professional diagnosis from another psychologist and they referred you or the psychiatrist themselves give you a professional diagnosis and determine that medication is your best option.




A psychologist can give you a professional diagnosis. Also, a psychologist can give you more intensive and specialized care as they have more in depth knowledge. Many psychologists specialize in certain areas, such as children, anti-social, family, depression etc. So they are able to give you more personalized therapy in regards to your treatment since they specialize in it.


The most optimal time to visit a psychologist is if you are experiencing more severe symptoms. They are more equipped to handle serious situations. Also, if you want a professional diagnosis, you would have to visit a psychologist. A psychologist is optimal when you want more clarification on your mental health issue or you want more specific information on a mental health issue. For example, if you think your child has symptoms of autism you would visit a psychologist. You would be referred to a psychologist who specializes in autism and children, therefore they can answer the more specific questions you may have in terms of treatment or symptoms regarding autism.




A psychotherapist is similar to a counselor, but they use Freudian techniques in their practice and treatment. That means that they will use Freudian techniques such as free association, dream interpretation, ink blot interpretation in order to assess your psychological health. They focus more on childhood trauma and parent-child relations when giving support/understanding/insight into mental health issues.


The most optimal time to visit a psychotherapist would be if you want a Freudian approach to your mental health concerns. This can be effective if standard methods of therapy are not working for you or you feel as if you are not feeling satisfied with their practice.




A counselor can provide support for someone who feels they are struggling with mental health issues. They can also give insight, provide resources and refer you to a psychologist/hospital if they feel lie the issue you are experiencing is beyond their professional capacity. They are not allowed to make formal diagnosis’s on you such as “you suffer from depression” . They provide more support and can make self-care plans, support plans etc. But do not give medication nor make diagnosis or treatment plans in terms of medication.


The most optimal time to visit a counselor is if you have mild-moderate symptoms, you can go to a counselor if you are experiencing more severe symptoms but they will likely refer you to a psychologist or hospital as they are not equipped to handle more serious cases. They are good to go to if you feel as though you have a problem, situation or issue you want to talk about and work through but if you are experiencing more serious symptoms due to a mental illness a psychologist would be more optimal.


Counselors, you can see more frequently and are a good aid to use if you want frequent check ups and like to have consistent support. You can see psychologist regularly also, but they are usually in high demand and are not able to meet as frequently as counselors.



Nurse Specialist

A nurse specialist provide direct care in one of a range of specialties, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, emergency care and oncology. They may also serve as consultants, assisting other medical professionals working to improve patient outcomes and influence all levels of care. ( 2017 )

The best time to visit a nurse specialist would be if you are experiencing physical symptoms in combination with your mental health concerns or just physical symptoms. They will be able to assist you on the physical aspect of healthcare.



Social Worker Specialist

A person considered a social worker specialist is someone who has their Masters Degree in Social Work. They are a liaison between families, the individual, the government and the community and provide an individual with resources that are relevant. They provide treatment recommendations, go over documents and can help when the legal system is involved.


They also provide support by coaching, supporting and helping the individual though problem solving.


The most optimal time to go to a social work specialist is if you want to expand your horizon and be informed about other resources. Also if you wish to have grants, become discharged or want aid when it comes to the legal system and your mental health, a social worker can advocate and communicate for you in certain situations.



Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist is usually hired to work for a specific company – i.e Google and works within that company to help alleviate mental health issues in relation to that company. However, there are occupational therapists who are not affiliated with a specific company. These therapists specialize in mental health in the workplace and look at how an individuals work life affects their mental health. They are commonly used in high stress jobs such as the Army in order to help those working and to avoid “burn out” which is a term used for people who quit due to the high stress they face on the job.


The most optimal time to visit an occupational therapist is when you are experiencing mental health concerns and you believe that it is your job that is causing these concerns.



Speech and Language Therapist

A speech and language therapist is used when a individual has trouble pronouncing, speaking or wants to alter their tone/way of speaking. People may suffer from a stuttering problem, accents or pronunciation of certain letters. These therapists work with you and help guide you in correct pronunciation and will give you work and feedback in order to improve your speech.


The most optimal time to visit a speech/language therapist is if you have concerns about the way you speak and/or pronunciation.