What is stress?

Stress is an internal feeling that arises when the demands of our environment surpasses our coping abilities.


How do I know I am stressed?

The symptoms of stress can be divided into 4 categories


Headaches, sudden fever, muscle tension, skin irritation, tiredness, nauseous or throwing up, neck pain, back pain, weakness, constipation, poor digestion, stomach pain, diarrhea, sudden weight loss or gain, sudden appetite loss or gain, frequent urination, cold limbs, excessive sweating, abnormal sleeping patterns, sexual dysfunction, difficult breathing.


Excessive worrying, nightmares, indecisive, negative thinking, impatient


Lacking confidence, easily nervous, easily angered, anxiety, depression, feeling helpless, general lack of interest, withdrawal from society, unable to pay attention, difficulty remembering, anxious, sensitive, frequent crying, thoughts of suicide, feeling a loss of control.


Loss of appetite, insomnia, inappropriate laughing, tapping with hands and feet, nail biting, increased smoking, increased use of drugs, increased drinking, compulsive eating or dieting, pacing, restlessness.



What should I do?

Pay attention or change the following aspects of your life

Eating and sleeping

Are you sleeping enough each night? (eight hours a night is the recommended amount for teenagers and adults). A lack of sleep can cause emotional, mental and physical health issues over time. Also, one’s diet can affect one’s functioning emotionally and physically. It is important to be aware of these aspects which may be overlooked when trying to determine the reasons why.


Stress can often come from complications at work that leaves us with little time for the other important things. If you notice that work is consuming too much of your life, you might want to try taking a break for even a brief time. Also spending time between working can also help relieve stress. By going on a 15min walk after working and then returning back to your work, this may help you feel more refreshed. Other types of ways to take mini vacations can be used, as that was a general example.